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Dull Dull Dull - Also, would be nice if it worked with Instagram

The thinking behind this app is cute, but who under 30 posts to Facebook any more?If you want this to work I suggest you start partnering with the platfroms people are actually using. Also idea aside the presentaion in the FB feed looks terrible and you have so little cuases to chose from - also it looks like at your current rate that it will take several years for the charities to get the money your offering which must be very frustrating for them and the peopel they are trying to help. Much better to skip your platfrom and just write a check.

Fantastic idea !

Hope this catches on...it's a great way to help those in need !

This is for real? Wow

Yea, I can post a photo and make some money for clean drinking water in Burkina Faso. Done.

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